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Terms and Conditions

Community Guidelines

We see B4B Planet Community as a place to discuss building communities, B4B Planet itself as software, a place for collaboration between its members where they can help each other in various ways, whether by sharing helpful materials or advice. Going off-topic is fine once in a while and in a proper After Hours group as to not ‘spam’ the community and keep the focus.

B4B Planet Community was established to serve few purposes. Firstly, it’s a showcase of our software which you can see in the real world and outside of a demo. Secondly, it’s meant as a safe and focused space for our clients who want to get to know more about our software, building communities and keep in touch with B4B Planet team. Thirdly, it serves as an auxiliary platform for our clients to get support beyond our ticketing system.

We believe in focus. That’s one of main reasons we created B4B Planet and keep making it better every day. Focus is keeping our community clean and clear of unwanted random content so that its members can get easier to the information they look for without being distracted.

These guidelines are created to ensure we can create the best possible space for you and in turn later on for your community. By having an account on B4B you agree to these guidelines as well as other Policies and Terms of Use. Going out of bounds of these guidelines could result in content removal and banned accounts. Account bans are global and affect not only B4B Planet Community access but also access to your purchases.

Feel free to share any and all questions regarding B4B Planet. How it works and all. Report problems, if you have any. Report bugs, so our developers can squish them and ensure they don’t appear in the future.

We encourage you to share information about the community that you are building. Share the link to it. Shed some lite on what’s its focus. Who should join it. Add some great screenshots. We have a dedicated Showcase group for that. It’s perfectly fine to let others know about it. People can give you advice, some criticism. It’s perfectly fine if, it’s not perfect. Nothing got built in a day. Definitely not social networks.

Inappropriate, illegal content and spam will not be tolerated and will result in its removal as well as banning your account followed by sending information to the proper authorities dependent on your country of residence.

Remember that respect is something that goes both ways. It needs to be given to be received. Respect your fellow community members as well as B4B Planet staff. Reports of abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Sharing what in your opinion is a useful service, theme, plugin is great. However, they mustn’t be designed as purely promotional posts designed to lure members to buy whatever it is you’re trying to sell. We also do not allow sharing links that lead directly or indirectly to B4B Planet competitors, though.

Every member can see an option to report posts and comments. If you feel some content is inappropriate, please do report it so B4B Planet staff can handle it.

We believe these guidelines are fair and easy to follow. Anyone with common sense and human decency shouldn’t have any issues following them. If you don’t follow guidelines, perhaps you should find a different community to be a part of. Or build one yourself. Make no mistake, this is our community and we will enforce these guidelines to the best of our abilities to have a well-prospering and focused space for likeminded people who are passionate about B4B Planet and building communities.

Obligations of the member

It will be the member's responsibility to ensure that the products and services provided by him correspond, for quality and price, as promised by him.

Undertakes to behave fairly towards both other members and of the persons concerned recommended by them.

It will be the member's responsibility to foster benevolence and mutual trust both between B4B Planet members and the interested persons recommended by them.

He undertakes to make contact with the interested persons recommended to him.

It will be his care to observe and respect the code of ethics of his profession.

It is committed to always having a positive and available attitude in the comparisons of other B4B Planet members.


B4B PLANET offers a marketing program based on the exchange of commercial references. The philosophy of B4B PLANET is based on the mutual support and commitment of all individuals who join a regional group of entrepreneurs (Group). 'Givers gain' is his motto. Membership of B4B PLANET and membership of a B4B PLANET Group are governed by these general terms and conditions, the B4B PLANET Code of Honour as well as other rules and directives established in writing:

1. For each specialist sector or category (main activity, profession) only one individual may become a member of a B4B PLANET Group at a time. The owner of B4B Planet decides on any controversial issues.

2. Members may represent only one specialist field and, in any event, not a secondary activity.

3. Natural persons may only be part of one B4B PLANET Group at a time.

4. At the same time as submitting the application for admission, a one-time registration fee and an annual fee for participation in the B4B PLANET marketing program must be paid in advance.

5. The annual fee does not include special sponsorship costs that the member can request by paying an extra fee.

6. Admission to a Group takes place only on condition that the fees referred to in point 4 above have been paid and that the application has been accepted by B4B Planet. This results in membership in B4B PLANET and membership in a B4B PLANET Group. Their beginning is made to coincide with the date of payment of the fee. In case of non-consent to admission by B4B Planet, the fees already paid will be refunded.

7. Following admission to a Group, the fees already paid will not be refunded, even if: the commercial expectations related to the status of member are not met, the member has been excluded for violation of these conditions.

8. At the end of the membership a member may extend his participation in the marketing program by making a new deposit on the site. If, at the end of the membership, the amount is not paid, the status of member is automatically extinguished.

9. Members are required to report to other members references of potential customers. The minimum number of a monthly reference is the prerequisite for maintaining or extending the registration.

9.1 For each reference received and transformed into a paying customer, the member who received it is required to pay a reporting fee of 15% in favor of the reporter using the "Transfer" points system on the site. In the event that the member does not have points to transfer, he can purchase new ones using the points payment form also present on the B4B site Failure to pay points by the member who received the reference in favor of the member who reported it, will result in immediate exclusion from the Group and from the entire B4B Planet platform.

10. If a member's specialist field conflicts with that of a member, it shall be the responsibility of the latter to report it to B4B Planet.

11. In the event that a member is willing to change his specialist sector, a request must be submitted to B4B Planet which can give consent to the change in question.

12. If a member leaves a Group as a result of a change of location or specialist sector, where there is a remaining period of registration of at least one month, he will receive a relevant credit voucher, which will be valid for two years and can be redeemed at the time of admission to any other B4B PLANET Group in the world.

13. In the event that a member makes a change of residence or specialist sector, he may also change the Group, with the prior consent of the director of B4B PLANET. In this case, the member in question must submit a new application for membership in B4B Planet. If the member has a credit voucher referred to in Article 12, the annual registration shall be extended for the duration of the months credited.

14. In the event that the member leaves the represented company until a given time and that the latter has paid the costs related to his participation in the B4B PLANET marketing program, the member may maintain his status as a member only with the consent of the company in question.

15. If complaints are made regarding a member, B4B Planet will verify the commercial practices of the latter or the fulfillment of its duties as a member, taking appropriate measures. The director B4B PLANET reserves the right to cancel his registration without being required to provide any reason.

16. If a member fails to comply with or violates these conditions, the obligations prescribed to him, the B4B PLANET rules and directives, does not achieve the minimum objectives of the Group with regard to the number of references given or, again, his commercial practices give rise to complaints, he may be expelled from the B4B PLANET Group. Before this happens, B4B Planet may decide to grant a trial period. The decision relating to his expulsion is the sole responsibility of B4B Planet.

17. B4B PLANET has the right to create one or more Groups in any city or municipality.

18. By using the site, the member acknowledges the previous conditions as binding, committing himself to observe the terms and conditions of B4B PLANET, as well as to fulfill the related obligations.

19. The member is reminded that all data returned are processed by B4B PLANET with the aim of ensuring the fulfillment of the conditions. This data may be used for non-contractual purposes, in particular for marketing purposes, insofar as such use is necessary for the protection of B4B PLANET's legitimate interests.

20. The data of other Members, to which the Member may have access, shall be aimed exclusively at the exchange of references. The member undertakes not to use the data in question for promotional purposes (e.g. for sending advertising, e-mail newsletters, etc.) without express authorization from the member concerned. The member is not allowed to forward to visitors or third parties any list of members in printed or electronic form. The transmission of information relating to members in the context of a reference does not fall under this condition.

21. The member agrees that the recorded master data will be made accessible for viewing to all members of B4B PLANET on the website and on all B4B PLANET platforms. For the activation of the member's profile on the member can choose to make the data publicly visible or only to B4B Planet members.

22. The member agrees that the data relating to references issued and received, invoiced indicated and realized, will be transmitted to B4B PLANET, in particular by insertion on the web page B4BPLANET.COM . The member agrees that these data may be processed for commercial purposes even after the statutory retention period.

23. The member expresses his consent to the storage of his data in the database of the Internet platform also for the purpose of business contact. The member is aware that this platform is operated by Promoleader Via Alla Chiesa 9 6962 Viganello - Switzerland and that the management and use of data is based exclusively on the data protection provisions on this website. Promoleader is solely responsible in the role of website operator.

24. Before the member sends references to one of the entrepreneurs, he will inform the potential customer that his data will be transmitted to B4B PLANET and its members belonging to his own Group and that this transmission on the one hand serves the preparation and execution of the visit and on the other hand also for the subsequent contact for marketing purposes.

25. B4B PLANET and Promoleader disclaim any responsibility for the conduct of its members. In particular, any obligation IN the event that its members violate the current legal regulations, data protection provisions, conditions, rules and directives of B4B PLANET is rejected.

26. The applicable law is only Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Lugano. Binding legal provisions are reserved.

27. In the event of any difference between the General Terms and Conditions of Business in English and translations into other languages, the terms and conditions in the English version shall prevail. B4B PLANET reserves the right to modify Terms and Conditions. Changes become binding as soon as they are made known to members.

By using B4B website, you do agree to these guidelines as well as other policies linked to in the footer of the site. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice. You are responsible for reviewing it on a regular basis.

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